Mindfulness, the body, and daily life

Mark Walsh and Karin van Maanen

Do you meditate? Do you have a body?

Embodied Meditation can help you bring the two together beautifully.

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The way mindfulness is usually taught reflects the disembodiment of the modern world. Often meditation is taught without pleasure, free-flow or the body at all. Even the translated term “MINDfulness” reflects this. Sadly, this misses a lot of what makes meditation so powerful, and ensures it doesn’t integrate into daily life. 

Throughout this refreshing take on meditation, Mark and Karin draw on their experience from the world of martial arts, dance and yoga. They offer a clear, no-nonsense and humorous roadmap to making your meditation more embodied.

Who this book is for

  • People new to meditation who want a clear, practical and effective approach
  • People for whom modern mindfulness with its bias of “MIND over body” has not been a good fit, and who want to try a different approach which includes the body.
  • Intermediate to advanced meditators who’d like to take an in-depth look at the bodily aspects of practice
  • Movement arts practitioners (yogis, dancers, martial artists, etc.) who want a meditation book to better match their needs
  • Anyone wanting a “Western and deep” approach to mindfulness, who doesn’t want either a watered-down secular approach, nor to take on the cultural and religious (esoteric) trappings of Buddhism
  • Anyone intuitively drawn to going deeper into their bodily experience
  • Anyone “with” a body!

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Meet the authors

Mark Walsh

Embodiment Trainer, Founder of Embodiment Unlimited and The Embodiment Conference, meditation practitioner for over two decades.

Karin van Maanen

Embodied yoga & meditation teacher, holds a Masters Degree in Mindfulness Studies, meditation practitioner for over two decades.

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